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Youth Aliyah Child Rescue

For many reasons, thousands of children are unable to be cared for by their family, with many referred to Youth Aliyah Villages through social services. Some live in squalor, some are being abused, and for others, personal or national political circumstances mean they cannot have the childhood home they deserve. Whatever the reason, our Villages welcome these children with the love, attention and security they need - the basic requirements for a child to succeed in their life. Today only 18,000 of the 450,000 ‘at-risk’ children in Israel live in one of the country’s 56 Youth Villages run by the Ministry of Education. Youth Aliyah Child Rescue raises funds for seven of these essential Villages. Our support is crucial because whilst the government part-funds the Villages’ running costs, the remaining, substantial shortfall needed to provide each child with an education and a home needs to be raised by the Villages themselves.

Charity Details

  • Website:www.youthaliyah.org/
  • Telephone:020 8371 1580
  • Address:Trojan House
    34 Arcadia Avenue
    Finchley, London
    N3 2JU
  • Registered Charity No.

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