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Anyone's Child

In 2015, 2,479 people died from illegal drug overdoses in the UK. At Anyone's Child we believe drug
related deaths are the result of stupid policy, not stupid people. 

By making drugs illegal, we have handed the market to criminals. And these criminals don’t ask for ID,
don’t care about who they sell to, and don’t care about what the drugs contain. We believe that our drug laws need to properly protect our children.

We are calling for governments to base drug policy on evidence, not fear – and that means
regulating drugs to reduce the risks they pose.


"I am heartened by a touching new project in the UK. Launched by Transform Drug Policy Foundation,

Anyone's Child: Families for Safer Drug Control seeks to put a human face on the costs of the war on drugs

and show the public that it is the current approach which is endangering their children, and that

legal regulation would help keep them safe." RICHARD BRANSON

Charity Details

  • Website:anyoneschild.org/
  • Telephone:0117 325 0295
  • Address:GB
  • Registered Charity No. 1100518

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